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Peach & Passion Fruit Fruit Black Tea - 20 Foil


Peach and passion fruit is one of the great flavour combinations. That’s why we created this Peach and Passion Fruit Flavoured Black Tea. Balancing sweetly exotic fruit flavours with quality black teas, this blend is an essential cup for all tea lovers.

Our Tea Masters create a balanced base using brisk and robust black teas from Africa. We then add real peach and passion fruit pieces, along with our exclusive peach and passion fruit flavouring. This enhances the tea with rounded and sunny fruit flavours. The ripe peach and tropical passion fruit create a brew that’s exquisitely fruity and cleansing, with an uplifting exotic aroma. It’s been a much-loved member of the Ahmad Tea collection for over 20 years, and is our biggest selling black fruit tea in the world!

You’ll find every teabag individually foil-wrapped, ensuring each brew is packed with flavour. The rich fruitiness of this tea means it works well hot or cold. Drink with hot water for a soothing afternoon pick-me-up in winter, or sip as a refreshing iced tea on a sunny afternoon. Just steep with sugar and fruit, then dilute with iced water.

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