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Twilight Christmas Tea Bauble - 30g Loose English Breakfast Tea in Rose Gold


Our English Breakfast Bauble is an exquisite Christmas decoration filled with 30 grams (g) of our much-loved British tea blend.

To create our English Breakfast, our expert Tea Masters balance malty Indian Assam with brisk Ceylon and bright Kenyan teas to create a blend that’s both invigorating and comforting. We use a high proportion of second flush Assam (leaves picked at the peak of their quality) to give the brew its rich flavour and golden colour. While the blend is the same as our English Breakfast teabags, our loose leaf tea offers a more refined brewing experience and is foil-wrapped for freshness.

The English Breakfast bauble comes in a regal rose gold with a festive design of holly, snowflakes and more. Complete the set with our other festive baubles in the Twilight Christmas Collection. There's our award-winning Earl Grey tea in a moody midnight blue and our popular English Tea No. 1 in elegant white. Conveniently packaged for easy wrapping, as well as ready to hang, they make the perfect gift or decorative addition to any tea drinker’s home over the holidays.

As well as this tea-filled bauble, it boasts a music caddy, a tea selection caddy of four seasonal blends and an innovative bell-shaped caddy packed with our popular Royal Chai tea. All beautifully designed with the blue and rose gold, this collection offers perfect Christmas presents that can be enjoyed all-year long.

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