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Loose Tea

Assam Tea - Loose Leaf

Assam Tea - Loose Leaf

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There’s nothing but the finest Assam in this loose leaf blend. Named after the north-eastern region of India where it originates, Assam is the tea that everyone loves. With its distinctly rich and malty flavour, you’ll taste it in every good English Breakfast blend. Our rich amber infusion is deliciously smooth and satisfying, perfect for kick-starting the day – or any time a naturally full-flavoured brew is needed.

To give our blend its bold, complex flavour, our Tea Masters use only second flush Assam. This means the leaves are picked in the second growth ‘flush’ of the tea plant, when they are at the peak of quality and flavour. The leaves are hand-picked in the Brahmaputra Valley, an area renowned for its exceptional tea gardens. You’ll see a mixture of tea tips, leaf buds and large leaves in this blend. This makes for a superior, well-balanced tea – the ideal brew for most occasions. Enjoy a cup of our loose leaf Assam to help wake you up in the morning, or comfort you during a busy day.

We’ve foil-wrapped 100 grams (g) of loose leaf tea inside the box so it reaches you fresh and full of flavour. To get the most out of the larger leaves in this blend, we recommend letting the tea brew for a little longer than usual (7 to 10 minutes). This allows it to fully infuse in the pot, giving a richer infusion and a bolder brew. Drink this tea the classic British way - with a splash of milk, a good biscuit or even a full English breakfast.

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