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Fruit & Herb Selection of 4 Infusions - 20 Foil

Fruit & Herb Selection of 4 Infusions - 20 Foil

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Our Fruit & Herbal Infusions have been created to taste good and make you feel good. With 12 fruit and herbal teas in the full range, we’ve selected your four favourites for this collection.

    These include:
  • Peppermint & Lemon
  • Camomile & Lemongrass
  • Lemon & Ginger
  • Detox

Each one has been picked for its unique flavour and natural qualities, so you can decide which blend will suit you best day-to-day.

Our Tea Masters select only 100% natural ingredients for all of our Herbal and Fruit Infusions. Each one offers fresh flavours and bold aromas. Our Peppermint & Lemon soothes as well as stimulates, while the calming qualities of camomile make our Camomile & Lemongrass the ultimate blend for relaxation. A fiery kick ensures our Lemon & Ginger Infusion is a revitalising brew, while our Detox blend combines ingredients from each, plus extra herbs, roots and leaves. It’s a truly cleansing cuppa full of vitality.

You get five teabags of each blend, each individually foil-wrapped. This means you’re guaranteed that every herbal tea in this selection tastes fresh and full of flavour – just as nature intended. Always keep an Ahmad Tea Infusion (or two) to hand so you can enjoy a pick-me-up whenever you need it most. Drink the blends without milk, and relish in the authentic, refreshing flavours. Naturally caffeine free, they’re ideal for drinking before bedtime, helping relax you in the evening – or restore you in the morning.

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