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Green Tea Selection of 4 Green Teas - 20 Foil

Green Tea Selection of 4 Green Teas - 20 Foil

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This selection offers green tea lovers a mix of our most-sipped green infusions.

    It features:
  • Green Tea Pure
  • Jasmine Romance
  • Mint Mystique
  • Lemon Vitality

Combining specially-selected Chinese teas with pure jasmine blossoms, dried lemon peel and spearmint leaves, we proudly present four memorable green teas to delight your palate.

For each of these blends, our Tea Masters start with a base of delicious green teas sourced from China’s Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces. This area is known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ of green tea production, due to the high quality of its output. We include premium Chun Mee leaf and tips in the blend, a tea prized for its toasted grass flavour and light nutty notes. Ours is harvested in the early spring when the tea has a more delicate, sweet flavour. At this stage, the blend is our Green Tea Pure – the perfect expression of delicate green tea enriched with the unique character of Chun Mee.

For the other three blends, we introduce complementary ingredients that elevate our Green Tea Pure to new heights. For our Jasmine Romance, the tea is layered with fresh jasmine buds, letting them impart their uniquely sweet and floral aroma over several nights. For our much-loved Mint Mystique blend, we add dried spearmint leaves and our signature mint flavouring. This gives a distinctive flourish of menthol to the grassy green tea. Finally, our Lemon Vitality zings with citrus freshness from the addition of lemon peel and our signature lemon flavouring.


Each tea has been lovingly developed and enjoyed over the years, giving you four truly cherished green teas. But don’t just take our word for it - our Jasmine Romance and Mint Mystique teas have both won Great Taste awards. The judges praised our jasmine green for having “a bright, clean tea base with appealingly sweet and fresh jasmine character”, while they described our mint green as “a clean-tasting green tea with clear spearmint flavours.”

You’ll find five teabags of each in our Green Tea Selection, giving you a perfect choice of brews to pick from. Each bag is individually foil-wrapped to seal in its freshness and ensure every cup tastes as good as it should. Drink a Green Tea Pure when a gentle, delicate brew is all you need. Lemon Vitality is the go-to for a refreshing, zesty kick to your day, while Mint Mystique exhilarates the palate and soothes digestion. When only a relaxing, botanical brew will do, Jasmine Romance is a naturally delicious cuppa every time.

For all of the teas, we recommend brewing the bags in hot water at around 80 to 85°C – the ideal temperature to release the blend’s colours, aromas and flavours without drawing out any bitterness. Simply pour freshly boiled water into your cup or pot and leave it for two to three minutes before adding the teabag, or use a kettle with a variable temperature setting.

Each of these green teas can also be served iced for a cooler approach to green sipping. Steep the teabags in a little hot water (with a sprinkling of sugar to taste) then dilute with chilled water. Add ice and fresh lemon or mint to finish. It’s a lovely way to keep you cool while the antioxidants make for a fabulously revitalising infusion. Enjoy on summer afternoons for a touch of refinery alongside your refreshment.

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