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Loose Tea

Jasmine Green Tea - Loose Leaf

Jasmine Green Tea - Loose Leaf

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Jasmine Green Tea - 75g Loose Tea Caddy from Art of Tea Collection has a best before date of 12.11.2022.

For a cup of exotic elegance, look no further than our premium loose leaf Jasmine Green Tea. Pairing the finest Chinese green teas with exotic jasmine blooms, it’s a wonderfully floral tea that looks, smells and tastes extraordinary. Sip a cup of this botanical brew and feel calm and cleansed for the rest of the day.

Our Tea Masters start this special blend with a base of fine air-dried green teas from the Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces of China. Known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, this area is famed for its superior green tea production. Leaves and tips are picked in the spring to give a purer, more delicate flavour, helping to highlight the jasmine’s sweet fragrance. The tea is layered with freshly picked jasmine buds and left overnight. As they open, the buds infuse the tea with their unmistakable perfume. The process is repeated over several nights to get just the right balance. The result is a crisp and grassy green tea singing with fragrant jasmine. Once brewed, this greenish-gold infusion releases a bright and evocative scent. It’s a cuppa that both soothes and stimulates in one.

You’ll find 100 grams (g) of tea foil-sealed inside the caddy/packet for freshness. We recommend brewing our jasmine tea in hot water around at 80 to 85°C. This ensures the natural goodness of the tea is preserved, without any bitterness being drawn out. Simply pour freshly boiled water into your cup or pot and leave it for two to three minutes before adding the tea, or use a kettle with variable temperature setting. With its sweet, grassy notes and seductive fragrance, this tea is perfect with a meal, or as a refreshing pick-me-up any time of day. In sunny weather, you can even enjoy an iced jasmine green tea. Steep the tea (with a little sugar to taste) then top with ice and chilled water. Keep cool while the antioxidants from the jasmine green tea help create an extra revitalising infusion.

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