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Kew Gardens Christmas Tea Bauble - 24g Loose Splendid Ceylon Tea

Kew Gardens Christmas Tea Bauble - 24g Loose Splendid Ceylon Tea

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Our Splendid Ceylon Bauble is an exquisite Christmas decoration filled with 24 grams (g) of our much-loved British tea blend.

A refreshing and lively loose leaf tea. This award-winning Ceylon is a bright and restorative pick-me-up - a fine example of one of the world's most popular teas. The tea masters at Ahmad Tea have been blending quality teas for decades. Tea from high elevations gives the brew its bright colour and greater flavour whilst the 'medium grown' teas add a citrusy freshness. Serve with a slice of lemon for the classic Ceylon experience. While the blend is the same as our Ceylon teabags, our loose leaf tea offers a more refined brewing experience and is foil-wrapped for freshness.

The Splendid Ceylon bauble comes in stunning rose gold. Complete the set with our other festive baubles from the Beyond the Leaf Christmas Collection. There's our award-winning majestic Breakfast and our popular Elegant Earl Grey in stunning purple. Conveniently packaged for easy wrapping, as well as ready to hang, they make the perfect gift or decorative addition to any tea drinker’s home over the holidays.

A collaboration combines four generations of tea knowledge with the beauty and heritage of Kew Gardens. With our Beyond the Leaf range, we are inviting you to experience something more than just tea. Take a sip and enjoy the result of years we have spent perfecting classic blends. Meanwhile, take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the plants that make this all possible.

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