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Lemon & Lime Cold Brew Iced Tea - 20 Foil

Lemon & Lime Cold Brew Iced Tea - 20 Foil

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With Lemon & Lime Twist being one of our most popular fruity black teas, we had to make a Cold Brew version too. Bringing the zesty zing of lemon and limes to pure Kenyan black tea, this lovely infusion adds a fantastic fruitiness to chilled water. Just add a bag to your H2O and you’re good to go!

Cold Brew teabags make iced tea easier than ever. We’ve used our generations of blending expertise to create a range that’s full of flavour and imagination. Consider your glass of water the canvas, and these teas the colour. Watch the teabags steep and swirl their rich, amber hues and citrusy flavour as they magically ‘cold brew’ in front of you. Unlike standard teabags, each of these blends has been specially designed to infuse with cold water in just five minutes. With no sugar, no sweeteners, and no need for boiling water, they’re the light and bright infusions the whole family can enjoy.

Our Tea Masters were intent on creating a truly refreshing infusion when they made our Lemon & Lime Cold Brew. We take our specially developed citrus flavourings and accentuate them further with dried lemon and lime peels. Behind the citrus, we created a base of carefully selected Kenyan black teas, along with a touch of black tea extract. The concentrated flavour of the extract releases when steeped with cold water, helping to infuse a bold, flavourful brew in minutes. We chose Kenyan tea for its round, refreshing taste: the perfect partner to big, zesty fruits. The classic black tea adds a robust savoury note to the blend, finishing as a bold yet well-balanced infusion. This Cold Brew is bursting with invigorating citrus character, just the ticket for when your body needs a quick cleanse and energise. Infuse a little vivacity into your day with the zip of lemon and lime partnered with brisk black tea. It’s a great way to help get you drinking your two litres of water a day.

You’ll find 20 teabags inside this box. We individually foil-wrap each one to lock in the flavours, meaning you can be sure every infusion tastes deliciously fruity. It also makes them ideal for enjoying out-and-about. Keep a Lemon & Lime Cold Brew on-hand and you’ll always have a juicy, sugar-free infusion at your fingertips. At home, make them really shine by adding ice cubes and fresh lemon and lime slices. If fizzy drinks take your fancy, try brewing with chilled sparkling water instead of still. It makes a lovely alternative to sugary soft drinks that all ages can appreciate.

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