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Mixed Citrus Infusion - 20 Foil

Mixed Citrus Infusion - 20 Foil

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This Mixed Citrus Infusion is an energising blend based around the eternally uplifting flavours of lemon and orange. Bursting with juicy citrus aromas and bold, zesty notes, this herbal tea is sure to enliven your spirits and your taste buds.

Our Tea Masters squeeze big authentic flavours into this blend, using only 100% natural ingredients. Orange and lemon are the stars of the show, with apple, rosehip and hibiscus providing the rounded backnotes. We’ve used zesty lemon and orange peel, enhanced with natural flavourings, to give the blend its intense zinginess. We’re certain it’s one of the most refreshing fruit and herbal teas you’ll find!

Each teabag is individually foil-wrapped to lock in its flavour. Peel open to enjoy a versatile fruit and herb tea anytime of the day. Being naturally caffeine free, it makes a delightful after dinner palate cleanser. And while it warms you on a cold day, it also makes a refreshingly fruity and thirst-quenching alternative served cold. Just brew the teabag in a little hot water, then dilute with ice and a slice for a summery long drink.

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