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Raspberry & Pomegranate Green Tea - 20 Foil

Raspberry & Pomegranate Green Tea - 20 Foil

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Looking for a deliciously fruity brew? Our Raspberry & Pomegranate Green Tea is just the ticket. Blending grassy Chinese green tea with the summery sweetness of raspberry and pomegranate, it makes for a mouth-wateringly fruity infusion.

Our Tea Masters use top quality green tea for this blend, sourced from China’s Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang provinces. Known as the ‘Golden Triangle’, this area is renowned for the quality of its green tea production. The tea features Chun Mee, a special green tea harvested in the early spring for its delicate dried-grass flavour. With a sweeter taste and a slightly nutty note, Chun Mee brings a lovely character to this infusion, providing the perfect backdrop for sunny raspberry and pomegranate. Real pieces of dried pomegranate and raspberry give the blend its summery bouquet. We also emphasise the fruits’ naturally intense flavours with our unique raspberry and pomegranate flavourings. The vibrant tanginess really complements the green tea, balancing its mellow grassy flavour with playful bursts of ripe summer berries.

You’ll find 20 bags of Raspberry & Pomegranate Green Tea in this box, each individually foil-wrapped to seal in its freshness and flavour. We recommend brewing the teabags in hot water around at 80 to 85°C, so the natural goodness of the tea is preserved without any bitterness being drawn out. Simply pour freshly boiled water into your cup or pot and leave it for two to three minutes before adding the teabag, or use a kettle with variable temperature setting. Enjoy a cup in the morning or early in the afternoon to help bring a little calm and clarity to your day. From its glistening golden colour to its evocative bouquet, this rounded brew will help soothe your senses.

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