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Summer Fruits Cold Brew Iced Drink - 20 Foil

Summer Fruits Cold Brew Iced Drink - 20 Foil

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Combining sweet strawberry, tangy raspberry and ripe cherry, our Summer Fruits Cold Brew Iced Drink turns plain water into a sip to celebrate. Satisfying the need for tasty, health-conscious hydration, this summery teabag transforms H2O at home or on-the-go.

Cold Brew blends make iced tea easier than ever. We’ve used our generations of blending expertise to create a range that’s full of flavour and imagination. Consider your glass of water the canvas, and these teas the colour. Watch your Summer Fruits teabag steep and swirl it’s vibrant red hues and berry flavours into the water as it magically ‘cold brews’ in front of you. Unlike standard teabags, each of our Cold Brew blends have been specially designed to infuse in cold water in just five minutes.

Our Tea Masters create a beautiful blend of dried fruit pieces and natural fruit flavourings for this refreshing infusion. We’ve chosen strawberries, raspberries and cherries to give a deep hit of mixed red fruits, balancing the complexities of sweet, tart and juicy just like an indulgently rich berry compote. Unlike cordials or soft drinks though, this teabag contains no added sugar or sweeteners, making it a wonderfully light and bright infusion for all to enjoy. As a fruit tea blend it’s also naturally caffeine-free, so you can sip away throughout the day.

With no need for boiling water, our Summer Fruits Cold Brew teabag is the fuss-free way to a delicious fruit cooler anywhere you go. You’ll find 20 teabags in this box, each one individually foil-wrapped for freshness and convenience. Drinking more water is a great way to stay healthy and hydrated, so keep these teabags on-hand to make upping your daily intake a summer breeze.

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