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Tea Chest Four Caddy with 4 Black & Green Teas - 40 Teabags

Tea Chest Four Caddy with 4 Black & Green Teas - 40 Teabags

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This beautiful rose-gold Tea Chest collects four of our most treasured blends. Inside the caddy you’ll discover 40 exceptionally good cups of tea.

    It features:
  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • English Tea No. 1
  • Green Tea Pure
There’s our classic, comforting English Breakfast, sophisticated Earl Grey, elegant yet uplifting English Tea No. 1, and our exquisitely flavoursome Green Tea Pure. Stowed in a charming metal caddy, it makes an extra special gift for tea lovers with an eye for style. It’s perfect for adding a little order and elegance to any kitchen, while providing a selection of the five-star infusions.

Our experienced Tea Masters have perfected these blends over many years, with each one deserving of a top spot in this collection. Our English Breakfast features a high proportion of second flush Assam tea (leaves picked at the peak of their quality) to give it a rich, malty depth. For something a little more refined, our award-winning Earl Grey is made with plenty of quality Kenyan teas for a delicious balance. We add our exclusive bergamot flavouring to complement the tea with an exotic citrusy fragrance. Winning a Great Taste award, the judges praised this blend, singling it out as “a sound example of a strong Earl Grey”.

Next, our unique English Tea No. 1 is a special Ahmad Tea blend that’s also won a Great Taste award. With a brisker character from the proportion of quality Ceylon tea, it’s also enhanced with our citrusy bergamot flavouring. This helps lift the tea’s zesty notes, creating an elegant afternoon pick-me-up. Or for those who prefer the delicacies of green tea, our Green Tea Pure is a timeless classic. Blending fine Chinese green teas, we include Chun Mee tips and fannings, which add their distinctly sweet and nutty note. This creates a delicate yet full-flavoured green tea, rich in antioxidants and a delicious alternative to black teas.

With each tea exuding finesse and flavour, this fabulous four would be a welcome addition to any afternoon tea or break time. Add a dash of milk to the black teas for a comforting cuppa, or try our Earl Grey and English Tea No. 1 with a slice of lemon instead. Our Green Tea Pure is best brewed with just hot water (ideally at around 85°C). On hot afternoons, an iced green tea makes a fabulously refreshing serve. Steep the teabag in a little hot water (with sugar to taste), dilute with iced water and serve with a lemon slice. Bliss!

You’ll find 10 teabags of each blend inside the charming caddy. We individually foil-wrap each one to ensure every cup is fresh and flavourful. Make the Tea Chest part of your tea ceremony, or give it to the tea lover in your life so they can explore its pleasures and treasures. With its ornate design, the caddy will stand the test of time, meaning you can continue to refill with your favourite Ahmad Teas for years to come.

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