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Tea Keeper Wooden Compartment Box - 80 Foil

Tea Keeper Wooden Compartment Box - 80 Foil

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The Tea Keeper offers the ultimate in tea excellence. This premium wooden tea chest features eight compartments to store our finest brews in style.

     Tea Keeper  filled with 10 bags of the following eight blends:
  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • English Tea No. 1
  • Green Tea Pure
  • Jasmine Romance
  • Peach & Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry Sensation
  • Blackcurrant Burst

From classic blends such as our English Breakfast and Green Tea Pure, to fruit-flavoured delights, we’ve filled this felt-lined presentation box with a tea for every occasion. With eight of our most popular black and green tea blends inside, this box truly is a keeper!

Our skilled Tea Masters have perfected these blends over many years, with each brew deserving of a spot in the special Ahmad Tea Keeper. Our English Breakfast features a high proportion of second flush Assam tea (leaves picked at the peak of their quality) to achieve its rich, malty depth. For something a little more refined, our award-winning Earl Grey is made with plenty of quality Kenyan teas for a delicious balance. We add our exclusive bergamot flavouring to complement the tea with an exotic citrusy fragrance. A touch of the same bergamot flavouring is blended with a high proportion of zesty Ceylon teas to make our award-winning English Tea No. 1 – a wonderfully elegant afternoon pick-me-up.

For those who prefer a more soothing cup, our Green Tea Pure is a timeless classic. We include Chun Mee tips and fannings in the blend to give a distinctly sweet and nutty note to this full-flavoured yet delicate green tea. The same blend is layered with pure jasmine blossoms for our award-winning Jasmine Green Tea. These infuse a sweet floral scent into the tea leaves, creating a brew that’s deliciously fragrant. Both brews are made with 100% natural ingredients and are rich in antioxidants. This makes them a great alternative to black tea when you fancy a gentle, supportive infusion. Brew these green teas with just hot water (ideally at around 85°C) to keep them tasting perfect.

Black tea drinkers who prefer a fruitier brew are well served with this selection too. Our Strawberry Sensation is a blissful blend of African teas, dried strawberry pieces and exclusive flavouring that creates a lovely summery brew. Enjoy it as it comes for a brisk, fruity cuppa, or try it strong with a splash of milk for a richer ‘strawberries & cream’ style brew. Our Blackcurrant Burst also gives a summery lift, whatever the weather. With real blackberry pieces and our signature blackberry flavouring, the robust East African tea is enhanced, with a touch of mint transporting you to summer gardens. For a more exotic note, our mouth-watering Peach & Passion Fruit blend is full of ripe, sunny fruit flavours. It’s a naturally sweet tea with tropical aromas to brighten up any day. Along with our green tea, these fruit-flavoured blends also lend themselves to being served as iced teas. Simply steep the teabags in a little hot water (with sugar to taste), dilute with iced water and serve with a lemon slice for a fabulously refreshing serve.

Exuding finesse and flavour, this fabulous selection would be a welcome addition to any home, work or venue. The Tea Keeper brings a ceremonious satisfaction to tea breaks, offering a wonderful choice of teas to pick from. This dark wooden storage box is lined with green felt and features gold detailing for a traditional, premium feel. You’ll find 10 teabags of each blend inside the chest. We individually foil-wrap each one to ensure every cup tastes exactly as our Tea Masters intended. Make our Tea Keeper part of your tea ceremony, or give it to the tea lover in your life so they can enjoy its treasures. It makes an extra special gift for anyone with an eye for classical style and a taste for exceptionally good tea. With its traditional, timeless design, you can happily refill with your favourite Ahmad Teas for years to come.

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