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Vanilla Tranquillity Tea - 20 Foil

Vanilla Tranquillity Tea - 20 Foil

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One of our most sophisticated blends; Vanilla Tranquillity is a luxuriously comforting brew. Natural floral notes and a soothing sweetness add a touch of elegance to this blend of quality black teas.

To create this award-winning blend, our Tea Masters balance black teas from Africa with our exclusive vanilla flavouring. We also add real vanilla pieces to enhance the blend’s warm richness. The sweet, fragrant notes of the vanilla complement the briskly robust black tea beautifully, creating a mellow and comforting brew.

A much-loved blend with our customers worldwide, Vanilla Tranquillity been part of our collection for over 20 years. It’s even received a Great Taste Award, the judges commenting, “A good, sweet, malty tea base... and also sound vanilla character. The infusion takes milk well, producing a creamy effect with the vanilla."

You’ll find each Vanilla Tranquillity teabag individually foil-wrapped for freshness, so you can be sure every cup tastes as delicious as the last. Add a little milk and sugar for a comforting, aromatic brew anytime of the day. Take a moment to relax with a little cup of luxury – the perfect remedy for a busy day.

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